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Distance from Nadiad: 14 KM

Vadtal is 20mins (14 Kms) from Nadiad (our hotel resort). Although the farmers of Vadtal and surrounding areas once gained prosperity by cultivating tobacco, the presence of the Swaminarayan sect has influenced them to decrease investments in the cash crop and move to other agricultural options. They have also taken an initiative to develop the area with their own resources to cater to the growing popularity of Vadtal as a pilgrimage site.

Vadtal Dham is built in honor of Swami Sahajanand (1731-1830), who spread the doctrine of the Swaminarayan sect to the masses and established Vadtal as one of the two main seats for his following, known as the Uddhava Sampradaya. Vadtaal temple has colorful wood carvings on its pillars and has a dharmashala. Follow the dirt road outside the town gate to the northwest to find the Gnanbaug. This garden commemorates the time Swami Sahajanand spent in Vadtal, and contains four memorials in his honor. The museum exhibits Swami Sahajanand’s life through paintings and the Darbar Ghat, an exact replica of his original house displays an interesting array of handicrafts and antiques, are worth visiting. The garden is accessible all day. Photography not permitted in Gnanbaug.