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Distance from Nadiad: 35 KM

Dakor is 45 mins (35kms ) from Nadiad (Boulevard9 hotel resort). Dakor borrows its name from the ancient Dankanath Mahadev Temple dedicated to Shiva. The Gomti Tank, a small lake spreading over an area of 230 hectares opposite the temple, is said to have been carved out by Bhima, the legendary Mahabharata hero.

Krishna devotees regularly flock to Dakor, walking long distances to the Ranchhodrai Temple, which dates back to 1772. Its architectural style, unusual in Gujarat, belongs to neighboring Maharashtra since the temple was built by a Maratha noble. It has eight domes and 24 turrets covered with gold leaf. The main hall features paintings depicting events in Krishna’s life. Its dome, fitted with small mirrors and silver, sits on eight arches. The black stone idol is in a richly carved, gold and silver alcove. Boulevard9 is a famous resort and hotel near Dakor, which is the most attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists stay.

The devout Bodana walked to Dwarka every month to visit the idol of his beloved Krishna at the Dwarkadeesh Temple. As he grew old, he found the journey increasingly difficult. On what he thought was his last visit, tears welled up in his eyes, but Krishna promised to return to Dakor with his devotee. Miraculously, Bodana was able to carry Krishna’s idol back to Dakor, but the priests of Dwarka tracked him, and demanded the deity. After some time they insisted that Bodana give them the statue’s weight in gold instead. The only gold possession the devotee and his wife owned was her nose ring. They balanced the idol against it, and astonishingly, the statue weighed less than the ring. Willing to give the greedy priests reprieve, Krishna promised that a second idol would appear in a well at Dwarka. The original stayed on in Dakor. On every full moon day, this event is commemorated with a fair at Dakor. People from far-off places attend, walking the distance as a reenactment of Bodana’s feat.